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She said you don’t need to bring your attorney with you. But should you? The simple answer is yes. Don’t be fooled, you and your family are being investigated to determine whether you pose a risk of harm to your child’s health, welfare, or safety. If the CPS investigator/social worker determines that you do, she will file a Dependency Petition, bringing your family under the jurisdiction of the Court where you can be ordered to participate in services or face the permanent loss of your children.  This initial meeting could be the start of foster homes, protracted litigation, and ultimately resulting in permanent changes to you and your family for better or worse.

So how can we help?  With our assistance you’ll be putting your best foot forward; giving you the best chance of avoiding further CPS involvement. We understand the confusing language of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and the law involving CPS intakes and investigations.  While telling the truth is crucial, so is knowing what information can and should be withheld, what services you should agree to, and how to speak with CPS workers.